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Choosing a Neighbourhood in Halifax

It is important that the part of Halifax you choose to live in is well suited to you and your family. The following is a list of considerations and possible problem areas:

The quality of air, water and soil is a top concern as a polluted neighbourhood can be detrimental to both your health and property value. Ask your real estate agent, neighbours and local media about any known environmental issues in the area. Fortunately, Halifax has excellent quality air. It's harbour location allows for good air flow. However, the harbour itself is very polluted, after many years of dumping raw sewage directly into Halifax harbour. Halifax Municipality recently changed this policy and is working to clean up the harbour.

The home you are considering may be tidy and attractive inside and out, but how does it compare to the surrounding area? Explore the neighbourhood, keeping an eye open for signs of neglect (overgrown lawns, houses in need of paint, trash and junked appliances littering yards). Halifax is a walker's city and it is easy to check out the area you will be moving into. Rmember, no matter how diligent you are in the upkeep of your property, a run-down neighbourhood can drive your property value down.

Crime rate
Check with the local police department to find out if the home you are considering is in a safe Halifax neighbourhood. The Halifax police may be able to provide statistics regarding break-ins and other crimes. Generally Halifax is a safe city. At one time the areas north of the citadel and along Hollis Street were riddled with crime; however, recent developments have really cleaned up these areas. Many homes in these areas were refurbished and the area has seen remarkable recoverly.

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