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Planning Your Home Purchase
Buying a home is a time of enormous possibilities and intense preparation. Doing some preliminary planning before you begin your home search will make the entire process more manageable and less . overwhelming. In Halifax you can get pre-approval by any of the local banks including Scotia Bank, Bank of Montreal, or the Royal Bank. Contact your Halifax real estate agent who can possible recommend a reliable mortgage broker. Making yourself prepared for a home purchase can be just as time consuming as finding the home to purchase. Follow the below steps will make the preparation process much easier and the process of purchasing a home in Halifax smoother:

- Fine-tune your credit rating
- Explore mortgage pre-qualification and pre-approval
- Become an educated buyer
- Make a list to learn what you need, want and don’t want in a new home.
- Check Your Credit Rating

Further Information:
Planning Your Home Purchase
Checking Your Credit Rating
Pre-qualification and Pre-approval on a Mortgage
Becoming an Educated Buyer: Research Neighbourhoods
Becoming an Educated Buyer: Your List of Home Requirements
Assess Your Finances: Checklist
Assess Your Finances: Compare buying with renting
Assess Your Finances: Calculating the cost of homeownership
Assess Your Finances: What you can deduct
Interest Rates and How They Change
Closing Costs
Other Closing Costs
Figuring Out Your Monthly Income
Figuring Out Your Monthly Debt
Amount of Your Down Payment
How Much House Can You Afford?