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Halifax Nova Scotia Real Estate Glossary V
(Value in Use - Voluntary Lien)

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Value in Use
Discounted value of net cash to be obtained from a property calculated by consideration of annual cash inflows plus the disposal value.

Variable Interest Rate
Loan rate that changes based on fluctuations in the rate paid on Treasury bills or bank certificates of deposit.

Variable Rate Mortgage (VRM)
A loan with an interest rate that adjusts with the changes in rates paid on Treasury bills or bank certificates of deposit.

A buyer of real property.

Vendee's Lien
Legal right of a purchaser of a piece of real estate to the paid purchase price plus direct costs of acquisition, if the seller fails to render the deed to the property.

A seller of real estate or other products.

Vendor's Lien
The seller's claim to property held by a buyer as collateral for a debt, also called a purchase money mortgage.

Vicarious Liability
The responsibility of one person for the acts of another.

Visual Right
Occupant's right to see out of a window without being hindered.

Voluntary Lien
Lien that a homeowner gives, willingly, to a lender, such as a mortgage.